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Auto Reorder Terms and Conditions


1. Prices for auto reorder are always lower than our standard prices. From time to time if we have a special deal running, auto reorder pricing will very low. Please be aware at the time your order is auto generated at a later date, the special may no longer be running, and the order price will revert to standard auto reorder pricing. When you use the auto reorder pricing you are committing to at least one reorder being delivered before the auto reorder is can be cancelled.

2. No promotion codes are applied against auto reorders. If you have used a promotion code for your original order please note it will not be used against any repeat orders.

3. When an auto reorder is generated you will receive an email notification. At the time of the notification if you require any order changes please contact us on 1300 838776.

4. Loyalty Points are not applied against Auto Reorders. If you have used points in your original order please note points will not be applied against your auto reorder. Points also are not accrued from Auto reorders.