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proheart 6

Proheart 6

Proheart 6 is the longest lasting preventative heartworm medicine on the market. With this simple injection given by your veterinarian your animal will be safeguarded from heartworms for the next six months. With Proheart 6 there's no more monthly pill to remember or forget, with one simple shot your dog can be heartworm free for the next six months. We know that your pets health is very important to you and that's why we offer Proheart 6 online at an affordable price. Along with Proheart 6 we also sell these fine heartworm products:
  • Proheart Blue - for Small Dogs
  • Proheart Green - for Medium Dogs
  • Proheart Red - for Large Dogs
  • Proheart Yellow - for Extra Large Dogs
Remember your pets health is important and heartworms are something you have to constantly worry about but with Proheart 6 you only have to worry about it once every six months. So if you want Proheart at a great price look no further then Vet Products Direct.
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